Capricornia Film Awards

Each even year, the Capri­cor­nia Film Awards recog­nise excel­lence in the screen indus­try of Australia’s North­ern Territory.

Next sub­mis­sions open­ing: 1 May 2020.

CAPRI­COR­NIA 2018 Win­ners List

Spe­cial Awards

Best Ani­ma­tion: Jonathon Saun­ders — Zero-Point: Sea­son Zero

Youth Award: Nathaniel Kel­ly & Thomas Mide­na – Body of work

Out­stand­ing Per­for­mance: Hamil­ton Mor­ris — Sweet Country

Com­mu­ni­ty Award: Bark­ly Region­al Arts — Media Cam­paign Which way? Right Way”



MAG­NT- Franck Gohi­er: A Thou­sand miles from Every­where (Alex Edmond­son), Marine Bio­di­ver­si­ty Hub — Save a Saw­fish (Dan Hart­ney), Tourism Cen­tral Aus­tralia — Vis­it Cen­tral Aus­tralia Adven­ture (Simon Manzie), Ten­nant Creek Women’s Refuge — Which Way? Right Way (Kathy Burns).


MAG­NT- Franck Gohi­er: A Thou­sand miles from Everywhere

  • Syn­op­sis: This thir­ty sec­ond TVC made for the Franck Gohier’s exhi­bi­tion A Thou­sand miles from Every­where” held at the Muse­um and Art Gallery of the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry, is a clever piece which cap­tures the wild ener­gy of its sub­ject, while intrigu­ing the audi­ence into find­ing out the infor­ma­tion about the event.
  • Direc­tor: Alexan­dra Edmondson
  • Pro­duc­er: Kate Fen­nell for Muse­um and Art Gallery of the North­ern Territory



Suma­tra (Matt Gar­rick), Coat of Arms (Dylan Riv­er), Graves (Levi Dob­son), Lil Bois (Grant Thompson)


Coat of Arms

  • Syn­op­sis: A Japan­ese tourist trav­els through the mid­dle of Aus­tralia, on the trip of a life­time. As the land­scape descends into the dark­ness of the night, he is con­front­ed by the Aus­tralian Coat of Arms that are revealed in a dif­fer­ent light.
  • Direc­tor: Dylan River
  • Pro­duc­er: Rachel Clements, Trisha Morton-Thomas



Ŋam­bi (Mark Wat­jana Ash­ley), Occu­pa­tion: Native (Trisha Mor­ton-Thomas), Yarripiri’s Jour­ney (Simon Fish­er Jnr, Jason Woods), The Island (Gabrielle Brady)


Occu­pa­tion: Native

  • Syn­op­sis: In this coun­try, the Abo­rig­i­nal sto­ry is often buried deep beneath the accept­ed 247-year Aus­tralian his­tor­i­cal nar­ra­tive. It’s not that the Aus­tralian sto­ry is wrong, it’s just that it’s a wee bit one sided. Get­ting all his­tor­i­cal, Abo­rig­i­nal film­mak­er Trisha Mor­ton-Thomas, bites back at Aus­tralian history.
  • Direc­tor: Trisha Morton-Thomas
  • Pro­duc­er: Rachel Clements, Mered­ith Gar­lick, Trisha Morton-Thomas



Bak­er Boy — Cloud 9 ft KIAN, Black Rock Band — Bin­inj Kun­borrk, Dal­las Woods — 9 Times Out of 10, Mar­ryu­na — Bak­er Boy ft Yirrmal


Mar­ryu­na — Bak­er Boy ft Yirrmal

  • Direc­tor: Daniel King
  • Pro­duc­er: Rebec­ca McLean, Chryss Carr
  • Writer: Dan­zal Bak­er, Dion Brown­field, Yir­rmal Marika
  • Cast: Dan­zal Bak­er, Yir­rmal Marika



Ven­ture North Safaris — Five Day Tour (Mario Fag­gion), Under Lock and Key (Huni Bol­liger), Black As sea­son two (David Bat­ty), Zero-Point: Sea­son Zero (Jonathon Saunders).


Black As — sea­son two

  • Syn­op­sis: On a mis­sion to retrieve a trac­tor from a dis­tant out­sta­tion, the Black As boys face their tough­est and most dan­ger­ous chal­lenge yet.
  • Direc­tor David Batty
  • Pro­duc­er: Jen Mcmahon



Black Divaz (Adri­an Rus­sell Wills), Finke: There and Back (Dylan Riv­er), Gur­ru­mul (Paul Williams), Island of the Hun­gry Ghosts (Gabrielle Brady), Sweet Coun­try (War­wick Thorn­ton), The Song Keep­ers (Naina Sen), We’re Fam­i­ly Now (Nathaniel Kelly).

Best Fea­ture Documentary:

Island of the Hun­gry Ghosts

  • Syn­op­sis: Poh Lin is a trau­ma coun­sel­lor liv­ing on the remote Christ­mas Island with her young fam­i­ly. Poh Lin’s job is to work with peo­ple try­ing to seek asy­lum to Aus­tralia who have been detained in a high secu­ri­ty deten­tion facil­i­ty, deep with­in the islands jungle.
  • Direc­tor Gabrielle Brady
  • Pro­duc­er: Alex Kel­ly, Alexan­der Wadouh, Samm
  • Writer: Gabrielle Brady

Best Fea­ture Film:

Sweet Coun­try

  • Syn­op­sis Inspired by real events, Sweet Coun­try is a peri­od west­ern set on the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry fron­tier in the 1920s, where jus­tice itself is put on tri­al when an aged Abo­rig­i­nal farm­hand shoots a white man in self-defense and goes on the run as a posse gath­ers to hunt him down.
  • Direc­tor: War­wick Thornton
  • Pro­duc­er: Greer Simp­kin, David Jowsey, David Tranter